Random Problems You Might Need To Know How To Get Rid Of


1. Stay Alive In A Snowstorm

* Be aware that your first priority when caught outside in a snow storm will be to maintain body heat and protect yourself from the elements. The best way of doing this is to build an emergency shelter until help arrives. One tried and true method involves using dead tree limbs to create a simple lean-to structure. This structure should then be covered with green branches, dead leaves and other debris. For heating, a fire can be started outside of the shelter, and rocks placed within it. When hot, these stones can then be placed inside the shelter providing indoor heat.

In order for this to work, individuals will need to plan ahead when making long journeys during the winter in northern latitudes. These preparations could include things such as extra clothing, fire starting materials, a two-way radio, several days supply of water, and food sources such as beef jerky or pemmican.

2. Know Which Plants Are Edible

If the worst ever happens, and a person gets stranded outdoors in the winter for long periods of time, it will be essential to provide their body with as much nutrition as possible. One of the best way to do this is to consume edible plants. One caveat though; those that wish to follow this route will want to know which plants can be eaten and which ones cannot.


Luckily, there are some time-tested strategies to accomplish this. First, individuals should always avoid eating plants close to homes or roadsides. This is because such plants have often been either sprayed with pesticides, or have been exposed to toxic pollutants such as exhaust smoke.

Know how to apply the universal edibility test. To do this, people should first fast for 8 hours, then should eat only a small part of the potential food at a time. Before doing this, the plant can be separated into basic components such as leaves, stems and roots. Before eating the prepared portion, touch a small part of it to the outer surface of the mouth to test for a burning or itching sensation.

If there is no reaction after 3 minutes, place the piece on the tongue and hold it there for 15 minutes. If no problems are noticed, chew the piece and again hold it for 15 minutes without swallowing. If no ill-effects are noticed, the piece may be swallowed. After 8 hours with no ill-effects making themselves felt, another small portion of the same plant may be eaten.


If an individual finds themselves lost outdoors during the warm months, they will likely be exposed to loads of possibly dangerous and disease carrying mosquitoes. Knowing how to safely repel these pests when no bug spray is available is a key consideration. Some easy ways to do this include:


– eat or rub garlic on the skin.
– if available, Vicks vapor rub or similar appointments on the skin
– mosquitoes are known to avoid marigolds, as well as basel. If some can be located in the wild, they make great mosquito repellent.
– if all else fails, rub orange or lemon peel on the skin. The citric oils serve as a natural repellent, and work to repel other insects as well.

To learn how to get rid of pesky bed bugs and other pests like ants, fleas, and roaches this one product is educating people on more than just how to get rid of bed bugs to prevent a mental health breakdown.


If a person find themselves stranded outdoors, it will be necessary to maintain their water intake. Unfortunately, name outdoor water sources are contaminated with various organisms that can bring about serious and possibly fatal illnesses.

Giardia is one such organism, and a close cousin is known as cryptosporidium. These creatures are microscopic parasites that are found in untreated water. They are commonly found in the feces of dogs, press, human, beaver,.

The good news is, there are various ways to purify water that his has been found in the wilderness. These include:

– Water purification tablets. When added to a water, the tablets dissolve and release hypochlorous acid, which is well recognized as a great way to disinfect water.
– Filtration. There are many different kinds of filters available for this purpose. It is worth noting that many experts recommend that water purification tablets be used in conjunction with filtration systems in order to ensure that the water in question is completely disinfected.

As can be seen, unforeseen circumstances can strike anyone, anywhere, and anytime. That being said, those that apply the above-mentioned skills in an emergency situation will be giving themselves and their families a great chance of getting out alive.

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