Must-Have Dog Products to Keep Your Home and Car Clean and Happy

We all love our dogs but we don’t always love the messes they make.

Even worse, often times those messes are a sign of oversight on the part of dog owners. For instance, no matter how long you think your dog is capable of holding it in while you’re out, chances are it’s much less.

And you definitely don’t want to take the risk, especially if you live in a big house, because dogs are expert at hiding their poop and pee spots for months at a time until you do your Spring cleaning.

This blog is dedicated to helping dog owners and dogs alike to be happier, have less stress and get along better and be happier too.

A Happy, Clean Dog Lifestyle Begins Now

Imagine you’re sitting on an airplane and you’ve had a few bottles of wine and now it’s time to get up and go to the bathroom, but the “remain seated” light comes on and the flight attendant is glaring at you when you try to get up, or the turbulence is simply too much to risk a journey down the aisle.

You already know what it’s like to hold in your urine far beyond comfortable levels.

Imagine now what it’s like for your dog, who most of the time just wants your love, affection, and approval. Well, you don’t have to worry about stressing Fido out any more when you leave home or him losing cool points with you. I’ve found personally that a green mat of any type becomes a target for a potty break with dogs, but that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.

artificial grass pee pad for potty training dogs and stay home

Ok, so that’s kind of an odd picture but you get the idea. An artificial grass dog pee pad or even just a green mat that’s absorbent will provide some emergency relief for those times when you are away from home, yet it’s too hot to make your dog stay outside.

Furry Friends Mean Lots of Unwanted Hair Shedding – and Everywhere Too

Next up on the most wanted list, or should I say most unwanted list, is dog hair and fur. We love the fact that our dogs are like soft cuddly bears that thankfully won’t eat us (hopefully). But with the fun experience of petting an affectionate dog comes the consequences: hair, everywhere.

It’s more than just annoying. Dog hair is much like ours, it’s quite oily and when disregarded, can mean permanent damage to your furniture, sofa, couch, or car seats. That last one is a real letdown, especially when returning a rental car. I remember when I returned a rental car after a weekend jaunt out of town only to have to pay an extra cleaning fee for my furry best friend.

Also, too much dog hair leads to dander which can aggravate health conditions in humans.

The solution? A doggy car seat cover.

dog car seat cover to prevent fur and hair shedding

Now you have something you can remove from your car, truck or SUV and clean separately and away from your vehicle. The added bonus is that it secures to your seats via seat belt loops and head rests, and it keeps your beloved pup from landing on the floor of your car during sudden braking.

A Final Handy Dandy Way to Keep Your House and Vehicle Free of Excess Pet Hair

pet and dog hair removal gloves

One of the best ways to get rid of hidden ticks, fleas, and fur just waiting to fall out all over the place is to proactively clean your dog’s coat and mane on a regular basis, and the best part? Your dog’s gonna love the massage it gets from all your pruning and hygiene care. That’s why these hair and fur removal massaging gloves might be perfect for you and your pet.

And finally, for spot cleaning and maintaining your furniture for normal everyday hair removal and cleaning, this re-usable anti-shed lint roller is going to be useful too.

Love Your Clean, Neat Doggy for the Rest of Time

We love our pets. Our pets love us. We don’t need to let something as small and petty as loose hairs to come between us, so let’s just keep it clean and enjoy the rest of our lives together as human and dog kind. Your pet will thank you and you’ll feel like you just got some unfair advantages and life hacks to save you time and headaches.

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That Boring Room Needs to Go- Here’s How to Spice Up Your Home Decor this Spring

Problem #1: Online Home Decor Shopping Sucks

It’s always so much easier to walk into a store, see a product up close and imagine just how it’s going to look in your very own living room or den. Seeing a lamp light up in-person is just so much more real and visceral than going through all these home decor websites, especially at a time of less fun physical retail shopping.

And if you’ve taken a look at Sears Lighting or any other once-prominent physical retailers like Wal-Mart or even Pier 1 Imports, you may have noticed a serious drop-off in quality.

So, putting all gloom aside for a moment, today we’re bringing you some fun, simple decorating ideas and quality product recommendations. They’re perfect for your home, office or bedroom and can help you feel better and get more done.

Let’s begin!

Unique Lighting Gifts for Meditative Souls


Everyone’s looking for that special unique gift idea for the independent, free-thinking spirit in your family or circle of friends. And if you’re a true liberated loner like me, then you’ll be eyeing this little beauty for yourself.

Who doesn’t like organic materials, rocks, plants, trickling water, vapor mists, warm glowing lights, and all the super duper feels that come with them?

That’s why this Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser is such an attention-grabbing home appliance that is both pleasing to the style senses and mutli-functional too.

Also see Amazon for more great Himalayan salt lamp diffuser humidifiers.

Comfortable Remote and Home Working Ideas for Aesthetic, Functional Feel


More and more people are working remotely, from home, as freelancers, digital nomads, or via Zoom calls these days. With the digital revolution in full swing, current world economic woes notwithstanding, people are working in more casual environments, which can mean bad habits are forming that you might not even be aware of.

Number one, as an online entrepreneur myself, I spend a lot of time traveling, which means working from odd positions. No 2 hotel or room accommodations are exactly the same, and that can make havoc for your posture, lower back, and spine during long hours of work.

I often find myself regularly having to modify the chair in my hotel or apartment, I don’t always have a traditional desk suitable for working- heck I may not even have a desk in some places. But I always appreciate when I can sit somewhere comfortably, alert, focused, and in deep concentration to visualize all my tasks at hand and how I will accomplish them.

I find my creative energies flow more freely when I’m not dealing with nagging soreness and shoulder, neck and back pains from working on my laptop computer. Sometimes I even work better when lying or reclining back in my seat or on the sofa.

That’s why I recommend people who work a lot on their notebook or laptop to consider this 360 degree adjustable laptop desk at CharmingWares.

Cute Light Ideas: The Divoom Pixoo Max


And finally, for kids of all ages but especially the young at heart, we have a luminescent pixel art display frame that features a 32×32 LED screen capable of rich colors and custom-created animations.

This digital photo frame of sorts connects to a phone on your app and syns up via BlueTooth. It also functions as an alarm clock and you can play classic games like Tetris on it.

If that’s not enough, you can use it as a special sign for your business or coffee shop. Display the temperature or weather, or pixelize a favorite picture of your own for an interesting twist on the not-so-average desk decoration.

We hope these ideas help. Let us know what your favorite interior decorating idea for the season is!

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Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic” (Ch. 1)

New in travel/adventure books

Choosing to live in a tent in a foreign country wasn’t the easiest decision I’d ever made, but then again it wasn’t the hardest either.

Considering the circumstances, it seemed like the right one at the time too. Truth be told, most decisions feel right at the time you make them, it’s only later on when you realize they don’t, and as of right now, the jury’s still out on this one.

I could sit here and comb through all the memories, the hints of joy and stings of regret, but that would be a waste of time. My focus is on surviving the ongoing mess of things right now- life, and all its splendor.

I stepped off the train at the central station in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia at about 11:00 pm on a Tuesday night in August, 2020. I went looking immediately for a restroom, but none were open, all closed due to the “deadly virus pandemic”. I guess they just want people to pee on sidewalks and buildings these days, who knows, it might have anti-viral qualities. The jury’s still out on that one, too.

I walked around the train station terminal and an adjacent building, but I heard the voices of people so I didn’t feel quite comfortable whipping it out and unloading bodily fluids in a public place, much less a foreign country where I’d been now all of about 30 minutes for the first time.

I started walking toward the center of town, down a long, official-looking park with a fountain in front of what appeared to be an important, ornate building. While walking with my rucksack and tent on my back with a regular backpack draped over my front, a man sitting on a bench asked if he could ask me a question. Isn’t that a bit redundant? Anyway, I said “sure”.

Well, I don’t remember exactly what the guy asked me, but it was pretty incoherent. I spent most of my attention petting the guy’s dog, and it turned out he was homeless, living on the streets. He told me the government had kicked him out of his house, and then he cheerfully let me know that on occasions he would bathe right there in that official-looking fountain.

“Bathing in the capitol fountain- I’ll have to remember that one” I thought to myself, already satisfied a little that random acts of hygiene in public were at least tolerated here. I mean, if you could take a bath in the fountain at the Bellagio, think of how much money you could save on your Vegas vacation.

Times were hard for a lot of folks since the “virus pandemic”. It had of course been stated as the cause for shutting down businesses, countries, and laying people off of work. Nothing surprised me any more, the world had already reached peak stupidity in my opinion in March of that year, but we were only beginning.

I asked him if I could sleep there in the park and he said an emphatic “yes!”. After I told him I had a tent, he told me I could catch the number 14 bus up the hill toward the mountain, and could get off anywhere and look for a place to camp.

I bid the man “so long”, probably long before he was prepared to stop talking to me, and started walking north toward the center of town again. Finally, I found a large shrubbery to conceal my act of urination, so that was a relief. Since it was getting really late, I thought I should grab a bite to eat while one was still available and check my email, so I went to the McDonalds and ordered a burger and sat outside.

I looked through my map to see if there were any other parks where maybe I could pitch a tent that night, since my reservation for lodging wasn’t until the next night. I thought originally that I might just sit in the lobby of the hostel my first night in town instead of paying for an extra night, but I found the art park instead, plus I anticipated the possibility of the hostel not having a 24-hour front desk, as it was pretty small.

I walked to the art park and found it to be mostly empty. There were little beer stands still operating in an opening where there were patio tables and chairs with a few people drinking, but by then it was already midnight or 1 a.m., and people were sufficiently drunk and sloppy by that time.

I walked on a bit until I got to a clearing, then I went slightly up a hill and set my bags down. The mosquitoes were bad, so I opened up the cage or the skeleton portion of my tent, but did not put the canopy or the cover on top of it since it was bright blue and I was trying to be covert. Fortunately, no one bothered me or told me to leave, but I didn’t get any sleep either. It was hot as hell too, so I mostly just laid there and sweated all night, smoking a quick spliff I rolled as well to pass the time. Yeah, I came prepared.

The next morning I packed up and sat on a bench in the park for a while, watching the people walk their dogs and glancing at the solitary jogger there, a motivated lady in her 20’s who must have totaled 5 or 6 miles at least by the time I left. I didn’t want to look directly at her when she jogged by because I didn’t want to creep her out, but I felt solidarity with her. I liked to work out too, and seeing others run always motivated me.

I walked to the east side of town to the Funk Lounge Hostel. It was about 2 miles away from the art park and they let me check in early. My stay was for 2 nights, and I took a shower and went to sleep immediately at around 11 a.m. I woke up later at about 4 p.m. and went out to grab some food.

I made my way into the corner market and bought a protein drink and paid in cash. The cashier lady was quite rude when I didn’t hand her any coins with my transaction. As I would learn in the weeks to come, Croatians take a deep personal offense when you don’t make an attempt to use coins when buying things, where even a few small coins would reduce the amount of coins they hand back to you when they give you change. She handed me my change with an air of disgust and dismissal.

I walked around the area a little while, then headed back to the hostel. In the lobby was sitting a beautiful Dalmation dog. Dalmatian dogs were said to be indigenous to the Dalmatia region of Croatia, originally named by Romans who saw the canines along with the flocks of sheep tended on the coasts. I squatted nearby and petted her for a while. She reminded me a little of my dog from a few years ago.

I pondered staying in Zagreb an extra night, but decided I would just head to the coast and begin my quest of living in a tent and hiking south as far as I possibly could. The goal would be to make it Senj, but that would eventialy turn into Zadar, then into Split, and eventually, Dubrovnik, some five or six hundred kilometers away.

I would take a bus to Rijeka the next day and start my wild camping and hiking experience there, looking for a place to camp in any nearby green space I could find, hopefully going undetected. It wasn’t my first time deciding to live in a tent, but when I did it in the United States, I had a car and I usually stayed in National Parks, finding a good spot to camp and parking my car on the side of the road with my “America the Beautiful” pass hanging from the rear-view mirror to make it look official and state-sanctioned.

This time was a little like the first time I decided to live in a tent almost exactly 6 years before- the nerves, the anxiety, not knowing what was out there waiting for me. I had decided in 2014 that I’d had enough of paying rent in Los Angeles just so I could prop up an overpriced housing and rental market, continuing to feed the beast system and prop up the banksters and fraudsters who print the nation’s money into useless oblivion, as the cost of living got ever more arduous and wages stayed flatter than a dime.

Well, I’d gone off the grid before and I’d do it again- this time on foot. So I figured I’d follow the coast south, get some exercise since many gyms were closed or barely operational due to the cootie virus craze, and relax along the way. I’d work from my computer, hopefully save some money and sure, I’d rent a room occasionally just to stay sane or do laundry, but I wanted to use the warm weather to my advantage and see some natural beauty along the Adriatic Sea.

I figured that my online business had seen a pretty awful year and a lot of the work I was doing was resulting in dismal returns anyway, the world economy was broken or in a state of disarray that was beyond my fixing it, and I really had nothing else going on in my life. So why not?

I knew I couldn’t just sit around and wait in one place, or return to the US. As someone who’d left America over 3 years ago, most foreign countries including the European Union as a whole would allow me to stay for a max of 90 days at a time before I’d have to leave and venture elsewhere. When moving to Southeast Asia didn’t quite work out for me, when I lost my dog who was my best friend in the world, and most of my online business and income, I decided at some point just to keep going- keep traveling, and never stay in one place forever. Even though every place has its problems, once I’m done with somewhere, I just don’t want to stick around or ever return.

Yep, that’s what I decided, a couple years back, to just leave, to just go. And whenever I had any doubts, or any wonder as to whether or not what I was doing was right, or the best thing for me, or whenever a town I was in started to feel old and tired, when I questioned if anything I was doing made any sense, or even whether I’d make it or not- I would hear these words in my mind.

Just go man.

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide Cootie Virus

Now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback

How Both Coronavirus and Bed Bugs Can Be Prevented

coronavirus prevention tips

The more we learn in the news about the Coronavirus, or Covid 19, the more we start to see how prevention against this unfolding epidemic closely matches the strategy against yes, bed bugs.

While at first you might not think the 2 are remotely related, once you delve into the personal hygiene, living and traveling habits that reduce the risk of either to the maximum extent, you’ll understand how preventing coronavirus and learning how to eliminate bed bugs are quite similar.

Preventing Bed Bugs & Coronavirus

First of all, reducing your risk of Coronavirus means maintaining cleanliness at home, work, and while traveling. This is because the virus itself can survive from days to months on an inanimate, non-hostile surface.

Practicing good hygiene, keeping your home clean and disinfected as well as orderly, will also reduce the likelihood of bed bugs going undetected in a neglected, messy area. Reducing clutter, vacuuming everywhere including your bed frame and box spring, and mopping/disinfecting can decrease the occurrence of bed bugs and their eggs.

bed bug travel tips

While anyone can get bedbugs, they seem to love an abundance of hiding spaces that have not seen the light of day in a long while.

Work and Travel Safety Tips for Coronavirus and Bedbugs

The key to eliminating risk is to apply the same approach at home to anywhere you visit or travel as well, and to reduce travel to known affected areas if you have the choice. Clearly some areas are more affected than others, and it’s important to monitor the news and online reviews for insights when planning your schedule.

It is probably more important that you are aware of your surroundings when outside the home. First, always wash your hands with warm water for 20 seconds, and make sure that you don’t touch your face throughout the day, as this is an easy way to allow viruses and bacteria into your system.

With bed bugs, you have to be just as vigilant, but in a different way. Always examine a sofa, couch, or covered chair when you’re out in town or traveling abroad. Many people get bed bugs sitting down in public spaces, as bed bugs can hide in the cracks and find a new human to hitchhike on with ease.

Spreading the Coronavirus on an airplane due to the re-circulated air in the passenger cabin has been a culprit in the virus’s expansion, and bed bugs have strangely enough showed up in the news as biting people on planes too.

The Final Word on Coronavirus (Covid 19) and Bed Bugs

At this point, it does not seem either the Coronavirus or bed bugs are going away any time soon. The Coronavirus can lie dormant in a human carrier for 27 days without displaying any symptoms.

In addition, some doctors say there is the possibility of being re-infected a 2nd time with the virus, this time even worse, after the tests show negative and recovery stage from the initial infection have begun.

Since many believe Covid 19 is actually a biological weapon that was leaked from a weapons lab in Wuhan, it’s as if it has been designed to be the worst of many viruses.

As far as bed bugs go, governments around the world making DDT illegal back in the 1970’s eliminated one of the most effective pesticides and bed bug killers available- due to the potential negative side effects for the health of humans and animals.

Finally, if you have bed bugs or just want to prevent them with higher probability of success, visit to learn more about a safe, effective, and affordable bed bug killer that stays good forever, as long as you keep it dry.

Plan accordingly and stay safe! Good luck

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking!

Stop Your Dog from Barking!

First things first. It’s time to teach your dog to bark on command. It makes sense that once you install an “on” button, then you’ll finally get to learn how to press the “off” button to your dog’s barking.

Start by doing something that normally makes your dog want to bark, like having someone knock on the door while at the same time giving the command “speak”. Then give your dog a treat and let him sniff it, and then eat it. Repeat the process until your dog can reliably bark on command.

how to stop your dog from barking excessivelyThen move on to teaching your dog that being quiet is good too. Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose until it stops barking since most of the time dogs must stop barking to sniff and then eat a treat, and praise and encourage your dog as it becomes quiet. If it barks again then make sure to reprimand it gently by letting it know to shhh before giving it the treat.

This is why it’s so important to teach your dog to learn by using treats, verbal praise and petting, as well as light reprimanding until it catches on. With time and positive reinforcement, your dog will improve.

Why Your Dog is Barking So Much

There could be a variety of reasons why your dog is barking so much. It’s good to understand those first to see why this behavior is not only normal, but actually healthy. Still, if you’re going to live under the same roof, you don’t want the dog barking non stop.

train your dog to quit barkingDogs bark for many reasons, like if they detect a potential home invader, or if they see another dog and feel their territory is threatened, and even when they’re excited and happy to see you. But an often overlooked aspect of excessive dog barking is that your dog may be barking due to a lack of exercise and stimulation, therefore they are barking due to frustration.

Install a Dog Door in Your Home


The way to improve your dog’s physical and mental health is to have some major, regular playtime with your dog to include games like fetch, sprinting and playing tag with your dog, and tug of war. In addition to this, you don’t always have to be there for your dog to be able to play. Strongly consider installing a dog door in your home to allow free movement and greater independence for your dog while you’re not at home.

Read about one of the top pet doors on the market in this dog door review.

Another great way to keep your dog active and happy is to hire a dog walker to visit and play with your dog for 3 minutes to an hour 3 times a week, or see if there’s another dog owner in your neighborhood that maybe your dog can be friends with and have some dog playtime too.

Ultimately if you can learn to have total, direct communication with your dog, you’ll find that your dog will listen to you during times it is barking excessively. This could mean you getting down on one knee and getting close to your dog, whispering encouraging things into its ear and giving it a hug to get it focused on and trusting you during a time when it wants to bark, making eye contact, and anything else that you know works for your dog.

Train Your Dog to Quit Barking All the Time

Finally, always rely on training when it comes to stopping your dog from barking. Never consider getting a surgical procedure that removes or lessens your dog’s vocal cords to stop it from barking, because while some vets will perform the procedure, it is actually far from ethical or humane.

For me, whenever my dog would start barking a lot at someone or something that I thought was inappropriate, I would simply just say “Get over here” or “shut up” very quickly, not mean, but just decisively as a matter of procedure, and my dog never seemed to mind it that way.

Finally, remember that exercise releases happy hormones and natural bodily chemicals that sedate and calm your dog. Your dog just wants to be happy and reach self-actualization the way any dog could, so keep in mind that a playful dog is a happy dog.

Oh Man, It’s That Time of Year Again (Holiday Bed Bugs)

bed bugs invade your home through friends and family around the holidaysSo you’re nestling in with your cuddly bunny, ready to stare for hours into the fireplace and each other’s eyes after a pleasant holiday gathering of family and friends.

Suddenly you start to itch and feel burning sensations all over.

It’s not love. Nope. It’s bed bugs.

Before you blame Santa Claus, or not being selective enough for targets under the mistletoe, just realize that newfound bed bugs around holiday season is a likely scenario from large groups of people coming together and spending time in new and unfamiliar places.

Your cousin? Yeah. The one who drives the school bus? He’s a prime candidate to bring bed bugs into your home. Him and his kids. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, or even the school kids, but it just shows you how easy it is to both get bed bugs and transport them around town unknowingly, spreading more than just holiday cheer.

Don’t Lose the Christmas Spirit Because of Bed Bugs

how do you know if you have bed bug bitesThe truth is, it’s really no one’s fault that bedbugs have made surprise visits inside of unsuspecting people’s homes, and not even bearing gifts. Those bastards.

Due to world governments outlawing the use of DDT in the early 70’s, pesticide regulators have effectively eliminated not bed bugs, but the one solution that was quite effective at killing bed bugs, or cimex lectularius, as the science community lovingly refers to them.

But it was either ban the one thing that worked or practically ensure that terrible health consequnces from effective bed bug sprays for humans would be a result, so they went with the former.

Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

*Musty smelling residence or home, and bedbugs can even smell like corriander or cilantro (don’t ask me)
*itchy red rash, and you actually see little brownish-red bugs scurrying around your bed or furniture
*waking up in the middle of the night itching and scratching red bumps
*seeing little black flecks and specks around your bed area (this is their fecal matter, ewwww gross)
*seeing the former shells of bed bugs as they shed their old exoskeletons to upgrade to a larger size
*brownish black and red splotches and stains on your mattress or box spring (this was likely your yummy blood)

What Ever Will You Do to Stop and Prevent Bed Bugs?

Don’t go ordering a bunch of Hazmat suits for your relatives to wear this holiday season just yet. It’s not price-effective and besides it might not go over well with your in-laws. There are however things you can actively do to prevent a bed bug infestation.

*Check all bedding and under sofa cushions for the previously mentioned signs
*Remove excess clutter and anything where they can hide
*Check furniture in or near the bedroom
*Apply a preventive layer of an affordable and natural product like non-food grade diatomaceous earth between your mattress and box spring like they recommend at this site for bed bug prevention.

Conclusion on Festive Holiday Bed Bugs

Ultimately, anyone can get bed bugs, so don’t go hating any family members that you didn’t already hate just because of this. Entire hotels have been shut down over this, even airports. So just do your best to proactively prevent bed bugs, be a good little boy or girl, and put down some DE powder to make sure that the bed bugs don’t scare Santa away with his reindeer this holiday season.

Good luck and Merry Christmas 🙂

El Video de los Ronquidos que Tiene el Internet Volviéndose Loco

¿Crees que los ronquidos pesados ​​son divertidos? Entonces te va a encantar este video que ha sido visto por más de 2 millones de personas en la web mundial.

Una mujer con la ayuda de su sobrino filmó a su esposo roncando y luego hizo una canción con la melodía del famoso Despacito.

Despacito con Ronquidos


Roncar puede parecer gracioso, pero en realidad puede ser bastante peligroso a medida que envejece, y es a menudo un signo de una condición médica conocida como apnea del sueño. La apnea del sueño se atribuye a la muerte indirecta de medio millón de estadounidenses cada año.

¡Entendamos un poco mejor el ronquido y la apnea del sueño para que tu próximo “Despacito” no sea el último!

Porque ronca, ¿significa que tienes apnea del sueño?

Cerca de 90 millones de estadounidenses roncan, y aproximadamente la mitad o más de esas personas pueden tener OSA o apnea obstructiva del sueño, el tipo más común de apnea del sueño. La otra forma de apnea del sueño es CSA, o apnea central del sueño, que tiene más que ver con que el sistema nervioso central tenga una incapacidad para controlar el impulso involuntario que los humanos deben respirar sin pensar conscientemente en ello.

Aun la policia ronca a vecesSolo porque ronca no significa que tengas apnea del sueño. Se sabe que las personas con apnea del sueño roncan y se despiertan durante toda la noche, mientras que los roncadores regulares pueden pasar toda la noche sin despertarse. Los enfermos de apnea del sueño también se sabe que duermen mucho durante todo el día, y duermen con la boca abierta. Además, los pacientes con apnea del sueño pueden roncar más fuerte que la persona típica que ronca.

Factores de riesgo para los ronquidos y la apnea del sueño dentro de su control.


Los factores de riesgo para la apnea del sueño que usted puede controlar para reducir los ronquidos y la apnea del sueño son la dieta, el ejercicio, los medicamentos, el consumo de alcohol y cigarrillos y la posición en la que duerme por la noche.

Otros factores de riesgo para la apnea del sueño que pueden o no estar bajo su control directo son: su genética, su edad y género (a medida que los hombres envejecen tienen un mayor riesgo), así como sus senos paranasales y su capacidad para respirar por la nariz.

Independientemente de la categoría a la que pertenezca, solo recuerde que las personas que roncan y tienen apnea del sueño a menudo tienen un 40% más de probabilidades de muerte prematura que sus compañeros. Por lo tanto, le corresponderá buscar de forma proactiva una solución para cualquiera de los problemas. Además, cualquier persona con sentido común puede ver que el ronquido es una especie de puerta de entrada a la apnea del sueño, aunque no es una garantía para la enfermedad.

Pero dado que los ronquidos y la apnea del sueño ocurren con mayor frecuencia debido a algún tipo de bloqueo en las vías respiratorias, se puede ver cómo ambos se relacionan en la discusión. Solo recuerde que alrededor de 38,000 personas mueren anualmente por apnea del sueño relacionada con enfermedades del corazón. Está poniendo un gran estrés en su salud y sus órganos vitales.

Una cosa es segura: el oxígeno es esencial.

Si está seguro de su problema con el ronquido, pero no está seguro de si tiene apnea del sueño o no, puede comenzar probando algunos remedios de nivel inferior y al mismo tiempo buscar atención médica certificada por expertos y un estudio del sueño para determinar si tiene obstrucción o incluso Apnea central del sueño.

dejar de roncar boquillas mejoresAlgunas soluciones de bajo nivel para los ronquidos que no son demasiado caras para probar incluyen dejar de roncar boquillas, dilatadores nasales, mirar honestamente su peso actual, ejercicio y régimen de dieta, y probar una posición para dormir diferente o incluso dejar de fumar.

Una vez que inicie CPAP, ¿es para siempre?

Esta es una pregunta importante que hay que responder, y por eso recomiendo a las personas que comiencen poco y eliminen todos los factores de riesgo de broncar dentro de su propio control antes de pasar al equipo de trabajo pesado que podría requerir un compromiso de por vida.

Sin embargo, para responder a la pregunta, una vez que inicie CPAP, solo obtendrá los beneficios del dispositivo con el uso continuo. Entonces, en otras palabras, una vez que comience, sí, debe seguir usándolo. Si bien algunas personas notan los beneficios residuales de la CPAP, incluso en los días en que omiten el uso de la máquina, estos beneficios generalmente desaparecen después de unos días, ya que la garganta vuelve a su posición normal fuera de otros cambios corporales o estructurales mayores.

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El conocimiento recién descubierto en estos días a menudo está disponible y al alcance de la mano en cuestión de segundos …

Y con esta tendencia viene una jungla digital que tendrá que machetar a su manera con la esperanza de recopilar información útil (y con suerte verdadera) a medida que compila su propia comprensión de lo que está sucediendo en el mundo y con su propia salud.

Si bien la mayoría de las personas probablemente entienden esto, que depende de ellos decidir si lo que están leyendo / viendo / escuchando es correcto y tiene sentido, por supuesto, hay excepciones que esperan que cualquier persona que filma un video de YouTube sea certificada. Experto en el tema al que hablan.

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How To Escape A Bond Market Crash Reset

survive a bond market crash from inflation and interest rates

Is the Bonds Market a puzzle to you? Are you feeling ridiculous to know how a bond market works and how to survive a bonds market reset? Here is the answer for all your questions that is peeping in your mind. Initially, let’s see what bonds market mean?

Bonds Market is also known as the credit or debt market, and it’s actually a financial market in which the users are allowed to issue new debt (Primary market) or you can also sell or buy debt securities (Secondary market). As a whole, it’s formulated in the form of bonds, but also possess notes, documents, bills and so on.

How the Bond Market Operates

The bonds market is moved when presumptions change about inflation and economic growth. Bonds usually make explicit (fixed) payments designated for certain period of time but in stocks, future earnings are purely anyone’s guess. Based on the expected inflation, just to deteriorate the value of the fixed payments, investors may fix the pay for the given bond.

The pay for the bond is fixed lower in case of higher inflation expectations and if the expected inflation is low, then the pay for the bond will be more. The above statement means that, if you spend lower price for your product, then it signifies the better deal you are getting.

The primary goal of the bonds market is to fetch you with long-term financial and funding for all public as well as private projects and also for expenditures. The participants in bonds market as rationally same as that of the participants in other financial markets. For instance, the investor paying 98 will gets a yield of 7.25 percent and similarly, the investor paying 100 will gets a yield of 7 percent.

How To Survive A Bonds Market Reset?

In many cases, most fixed earning or fixed income investors are not prepared to bear bonds market reset and also the impacts of rising of interest rates in bonds market. You can’t blame anyone in such a situation. Now, you may think then what the remedy is and how to survive a bonds market reset? The answer is so simple. You just need to be aware about the changes in the market and to remain stable in all situations.

Ideally, flexibility is the key factor for all the bond markets investors. In order to survive a bonds market reset, investor need to be aware about the rising interest rates and acceleration of inflation.

Other ways to fight inflation is with a gold IRA rollover.

Thus, it’s really easier to survive if you aware about the upcoming interest rates and rate of inflation and so on. If you possess this unique expertise then it’s really easy to survive and thrive in the bonds market.

What Gets Rid of Bed Bugs and How Much Does Treatment Cost?

what gets rid of bedbugsBed bugs have made a 21st Century comeback like no other.

The State of Illinois is reporting that once-though extinct bed bugs are now permeating hotels, dorm rooms, military barracks, apartments and houses alike.

Illinois residents with bed bugs treatment cost around $250 to $1000 for treatments, and may need 3 treatments before they can reasonably expect to get rid of bed bugs.

What Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

Should you be faced with the unfortunate position of having to kill bed bugs, you might automatically think a bed bug exterminator is the best option. But this is rarely, if ever the case. It is a common consumer reflex to delegate the authority of their problem to an established company in hopes that their experience, though expensive, is enough to help you if you don’t already know how to kill bed bugs.

The Government is Failing to Protect Consumers from Bed Bugs

I’ve been working to help people find the best bed bug killer for 3 years now. Finding a safe, effective and natural treatment for bed bugs that does not break your bank is easier than you think, but the government is not helping, and here’s why.

Many companies that sell a bed bug spray or product that eliminates bed bugs are around 100 years old, and so is their marketing. It would blow people’s minds to realize just how easy it is to get your hands on a great bed bug killer product, but the companies that make this all-natural solution do marketing from 50 years ago. They think it’s enough that their products exist in Ace Hardware, even though most people don’t know how to find an Ace Hardware if you’re lucky enough for one to even be in your city.

Which is exactly why websites like exists that shows people what gets rid of bed bugs and offers to send it to you as a gift from LLC. The product they send is EPA registered, made in the USA, and has a 1-year guarantee.

A person can reasonably expect to spend less than $100 on average to completely get rid of bed bugs using the Defensive End! system.

Bed Bugs are extremely hard to get rid of with just a bed bug spray

This is because contact bed bug killers do not eliminate the eggs. So the bed bugs have eggs in a hidden place, and 21 days later, more bed bugs are bound to be in your bedroom again.

The best thing about the Defensive-End! system is that a person could leave the product in place indefinitely, essentially forever between the box spring and the mattress for 24-7 365 protection and bed bug prevention.

So why doesn’t the EPA open up the bed bug game to newcomers?

The government is lazy and happy with their status quo and current level of tax collection, failing to recognize the online buying trends of consumers and the green-friendliest of available solutions. They charge around $100,000 simply to get a license to sell your own pesticide product, even if it’s safe enough to eat and is already classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

The government and old existing monopolies, many of which get their product from a single mine in California heavily guarded by lawyers and government bureaucrats, are preventing consumer access to something that could save consumers millions, if not billions of dollars, a year that get wasted on dangerous chemical bed bug treatments from exterminators.

The final word on what gets rid of bed bugs

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High Intensity Interval Training Workouts (HIIT) For You

Interval Training or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) refers to the diverse range of reps associated with both high and low-intensity workouts in a single exercise session. In Interval Training the high-intensity workouts must reach the level of resistance at one point, where the oxygen supply to muscles is reduced to make sure that anaerobic metabolism is occurring in the body.

As high-intensity workout routines can last only for a couple of minutes before the recovery period, it is pretty easy to distinguish them from your other workouts, such as cardio training. For example, it’s only possible to sprint for a few hundred metres before getting fatigued and as a result transitioning to jogging or walking.

Benefits of Interval Training

The benefits of Interval Training are in increased metabolism after the workout and in overall improvements in health and fitness levels. Combined with healthy diet and cardio exercises, Interval Training can assist you to lose weight fast.

How Interval training Helps

Interval training can provide you with a level of fitness that is very difficult to reach by doing distance running alone. So, as fitness geeks have been saying for years, high-intensity interval training can give you many of the benefits associated with long-distance work without requiring countless hours of pounding the pavement. Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or are very experienced, HIIT is great to work into your exercise routine.

You can perform intervals on cardio equipment such as stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, while runners can alternate between sprinting and jogging. When using exercise equipment, you should conduct a warm-up for five minutes, sprint for a minute and then jog for two minutes. Runners can do intervals by time or landmarks, such as utility poles or driveways.Those who are taking drugs like finasteride or are affected by post finasteride should do these trainings so that it will be helful to cure them and be physically fit.

How to Perform HIIT Training

When performing HIIT training, you can either make sprints until your muscles reach a failure like a feeling followed with low activity for about 1-2 minutes, or you can make a slightly less intense but hard sprint followed by 1-2 minutes of low-intensity activity. When taking the first option, perform 6-10 sets of intervals. When taking the second option, do about 5-8 sets of intervals.

At the end of the workout, you will have gained the following tremendous benefits:

– You will have stimulated your body’s muscle growth potential which means your metabolism will be increased – up to 42 hours after your workout and up to 6 times longer than traditional exercise.

– You will burn up a tonne of calories which will aid in reducing your stored fat deposits.

– The carbs and glucose in your system will be burned up rapidly which means they won’t turn to fat.

– The strength of your heart will likely increase which can help fend off all manner of serious disease and illness later in life, and add five to ten years onto your life.

The actual recovery phase is critical during Interval Training because this allows the body to obtain sufficient oxygen intake and also provides the muscles with some respite. The recovery phase also prepares muscles for the next set of high-intensity exercises.