Must-Have Dog Products to Keep Your Home and Car Clean and Happy

We all love our dogs but we don’t always love the messes they make.

Even worse, often times those messes are a sign of oversight on the part of dog owners. For instance, no matter how long you think your dog is capable of holding it in while you’re out, chances are it’s much less.

And you definitely don’t want to take the risk, especially if you live in a big house, because dogs are expert at hiding their poop and pee spots for months at a time until you do your Spring cleaning.

This blog is dedicated to helping dog owners and dogs alike to be happier, have less stress and get along better and be happier too.

A Happy, Clean Dog Lifestyle Begins Now

Imagine you’re sitting on an airplane and you’ve had a few bottles of wine and now it’s time to get up and go to the bathroom, but the “remain seated” light comes on and the flight attendant is glaring at you when you try to get up, or the turbulence is simply too much to risk a journey down the aisle.

You already know what it’s like to hold in your urine far beyond comfortable levels.

Imagine now what it’s like for your dog, who most of the time just wants your love, affection, and approval. Well, you don’t have to worry about stressing Fido out any more when you leave home or him losing cool points with you. I’ve found personally that a green mat of any type becomes a target for a potty break with dogs, but that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.

artificial grass pee pad for potty training dogs and stay home

Ok, so that’s kind of an odd picture but you get the idea. An artificial grass dog pee pad or even just a green mat that’s absorbent will provide some emergency relief for those times when you are away from home, yet it’s too hot to make your dog stay outside.

Furry Friends Mean Lots of Unwanted Hair Shedding – and Everywhere Too

Next up on the most wanted list, or should I say most unwanted list, is dog hair and fur. We love the fact that our dogs are like soft cuddly bears that thankfully won’t eat us (hopefully). But with the fun experience of petting an affectionate dog comes the consequences: hair, everywhere.

It’s more than just annoying. Dog hair is much like ours, it’s quite oily and when disregarded, can mean permanent damage to your furniture, sofa, couch, or car seats. That last one is a real letdown, especially when returning a rental car. I remember when I returned a rental car after a weekend jaunt out of town only to have to pay an extra cleaning fee for my furry best friend.

Also, too much dog hair leads to dander which can aggravate health conditions in humans.

The solution? A doggy car seat cover.

dog car seat cover to prevent fur and hair shedding

Now you have something you can remove from your car, truck or SUV and clean separately and away from your vehicle. The added bonus is that it secures to your seats via seat belt loops and head rests, and it keeps your beloved pup from landing on the floor of your car during sudden braking.

A Final Handy Dandy Way to Keep Your House and Vehicle Free of Excess Pet Hair

pet and dog hair removal gloves

One of the best ways to get rid of hidden ticks, fleas, and fur just waiting to fall out all over the place is to proactively clean your dog’s coat and mane on a regular basis, and the best part? Your dog’s gonna love the massage it gets from all your pruning and hygiene care. That’s why these hair and fur removal massaging gloves might be perfect for you and your pet.

And finally, for spot cleaning and maintaining your furniture for normal everyday hair removal and cleaning, this re-usable anti-shed lint roller is going to be useful too.

Love Your Clean, Neat Doggy for the Rest of Time

We love our pets. Our pets love us. We don’t need to let something as small and petty as loose hairs to come between us, so let’s just keep it clean and enjoy the rest of our lives together as human and dog kind. Your pet will thank you and you’ll feel like you just got some unfair advantages and life hacks to save you time and headaches.

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