That Boring Room Needs to Go- Here’s How to Spice Up Your Home Decor this Spring

Problem #1: Online Home Decor Shopping Sucks

It’s always so much easier to walk into a store, see a product up close and imagine just how it’s going to look in your very own living room or den. Seeing a lamp light up in-person is just so much more real and visceral than going through all these home decor websites, especially at a time of less fun physical retail shopping.

And if you’ve taken a look at Sears Lighting or any other once-prominent physical retailers like Wal-Mart or even Pier 1 Imports, you may have noticed a serious drop-off in quality.

So, putting all gloom aside for a moment, today we’re bringing you some fun, simple decorating ideas and quality product recommendations. They’re perfect for your home, office or bedroom and can help you feel better and get more done.

Let’s begin!

Unique Lighting Gifts for Meditative Souls


Everyone’s looking for that special unique gift idea for the independent, free-thinking spirit in your family or circle of friends. And if you’re a true liberated loner like me, then you’ll be eyeing this little beauty for yourself.

Who doesn’t like organic materials, rocks, plants, trickling water, vapor mists, warm glowing lights, and all the super duper feels that come with them?

That’s why this Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser is such an attention-grabbing home appliance that is both pleasing to the style senses and mutli-functional too.

Also see Amazon for more great Himalayan salt lamp diffuser humidifiers.

Comfortable Remote and Home Working Ideas for Aesthetic, Functional Feel


More and more people are working remotely, from home, as freelancers, digital nomads, or via Zoom calls these days. With the digital revolution in full swing, current world economic woes notwithstanding, people are working in more casual environments, which can mean bad habits are forming that you might not even be aware of.

Number one, as an online entrepreneur myself, I spend a lot of time traveling, which means working from odd positions. No 2 hotel or room accommodations are exactly the same, and that can make havoc for your posture, lower back, and spine during long hours of work.

I often find myself regularly having to modify the chair in my hotel or apartment, I don’t always have a traditional desk suitable for working- heck I may not even have a desk in some places. But I always appreciate when I can sit somewhere comfortably, alert, focused, and in deep concentration to visualize all my tasks at hand and how I will accomplish them.

I find my creative energies flow more freely when I’m not dealing with nagging soreness and shoulder, neck and back pains from working on my laptop computer. Sometimes I even work better when lying or reclining back in my seat or on the sofa.

That’s why I recommend people who work a lot on their notebook or laptop to consider this 360 degree adjustable laptop desk at CharmingWares.

Cute Light Ideas: The Divoom Pixoo Max


And finally, for kids of all ages but especially the young at heart, we have a luminescent pixel art display frame that features a 32×32 LED screen capable of rich colors and custom-created animations.

This digital photo frame of sorts connects to a phone on your app and syns up via BlueTooth. It also functions as an alarm clock and you can play classic games like Tetris on it.

If that’s not enough, you can use it as a special sign for your business or coffee shop. Display the temperature or weather, or pixelize a favorite picture of your own for an interesting twist on the not-so-average desk decoration.

We hope these ideas help. Let us know what your favorite interior decorating idea for the season is!

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