Oh Man, It’s That Time of Year Again (Holiday Bed Bugs)

bed bugs invade your home through friends and family around the holidaysSo you’re nestling in with your cuddly bunny, ready to stare for hours into the fireplace and each other’s eyes after a pleasant holiday gathering of family and friends.

Suddenly you start to itch and feel burning sensations all over.

It’s not love. Nope. It’s bed bugs.

Before you blame Santa Claus, or not being selective enough for targets under the mistletoe, just realize that newfound bed bugs around holiday season is a likely scenario from large groups of people coming together and spending time in new and unfamiliar places.

Your cousin? Yeah. The one who drives the school bus? He’s a prime candidate to bring bed bugs into your home. Him and his kids. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, or even the school kids, but it just shows you how easy it is to both get bed bugs and transport them around town unknowingly, spreading more than just holiday cheer.

Don’t Lose the Christmas Spirit Because of Bed Bugs

how do you know if you have bed bug bitesThe truth is, it’s really no one’s fault that bedbugs have made surprise visits inside of unsuspecting people’s homes, and not even bearing gifts. Those bastards.

Due to world governments outlawing the use of DDT in the early 70’s, pesticide regulators have effectively eliminated not bed bugs, but the one solution that was quite effective at killing bed bugs, or cimex lectularius, as the science community lovingly refers to them.

But it was either ban the one thing that worked or practically ensure that terrible health consequnces from effective bed bug sprays for humans would be a result, so they went with the former.

Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

*Musty smelling residence or home, and bedbugs can even smell like corriander or cilantro (don’t ask me)
*itchy red rash, and you actually see little brownish-red bugs scurrying around your bed or furniture
*waking up in the middle of the night itching and scratching red bumps
*seeing little black flecks and specks around your bed area (this is their fecal matter, ewwww gross)
*seeing the former shells of bed bugs as they shed their old exoskeletons to upgrade to a larger size
*brownish black and red splotches and stains on your mattress or box spring (this was likely your yummy blood)

What Ever Will You Do to Stop and Prevent Bed Bugs?

Don’t go ordering a bunch of Hazmat suits for your relatives to wear this holiday season just yet. It’s not price-effective and besides it might not go over well with your in-laws. There are however things you can actively do to prevent a bed bug infestation.

*Check all bedding and under sofa cushions for the previously mentioned signs
*Remove excess clutter and anything where they can hide
*Check furniture in or near the bedroom
*Apply a preventive layer of an affordable and natural product like non-food grade diatomaceous earth between your mattress and box spring like they recommend at this site for bed bug prevention.

Conclusion on Festive Holiday Bed Bugs

Ultimately, anyone can get bed bugs, so don’t go hating any family members that you didn’t already hate just because of this. Entire hotels have been shut down over this, even airports. So just do your best to proactively prevent bed bugs, be a good little boy or girl, and put down some DE powder to make sure that the bed bugs don’t scare Santa away with his reindeer this holiday season.

Good luck and Merry Christmas 🙂